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Miami is the most important city in the southeastern part of Florida and is a part of the Miami-Dade County. If we go by population, Miami is the second largest city in Florida. Despite Miami being perceived as the tourism city, it is the major center for regional commerce. The whole of Miami has been experiencing massive development in real estate in every possible price range you can think of. Condos and homes are built in almost all the major communities like South Beach, Brickell Avenue, Downtown Miami and North Bay Village.

You can get a variety of buildings here, be it a two story loft to a 60 story skyscraper, from ocean front hotels to affordable mid rise preconstruction projects. Thus buying condominiums in the present Miami real estate is becoming confusing with the range of desirable projects available. With the decrease in land to set up the buildings and with more and more households migrating here everyday, the real estate demand continues to heighten. There is a reasonable investment from the overseas investors as Miami making an ideal location for their second homes.

Miami is an appealing place with diverse cultures, a long line of elegant beaches, a thrilling nightlife, and a selection of top class restaurants and hotels. It therefore becomes a rich vacation spot. However the prices here have increased gradually compared to the other cities in Florida. Another significant aspect of investing in Miami real estate is that once the Condo/home development is complete, a range of facilities like retail outlets, coffee booths, departmental stores, health spas, or specialty restaurants are built around it. This makes the Condo even more worth even if it’s old. Lastly Miami, in spite of the sprawl, remains a seller’s market. A lot of advantageous properties stay on the market for a short while only and the price keeps on growing. This is why the preconstruction market in Miami is doing so great.